Connect deeper
to your inner light.

christy droog energy healer
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Our souls seek authentic expression and it has brought you here. Our deep desire is to reconnect to our inner light. Combining my foundation in traditional medical training with the powerful current of energy medicine, I am eager to assist you in transformation, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, so that you can easily access your inner light and remember who you really are!

energy healing


Clear, balance and charge your energetic body, allowing you to connect deeper to your own essence and inner light.

compassionate healing


Energy Healing for those actively journeying into end of life care, or who have received an early life limiting diagnosis.



Presentations on a dynamic range of subjects such as abandonment, sexual abuse, separation, loss, grief and Conscious Relationship.


With her warm and caring energy, Christy has greatly
helped me in my own healing journey!

Christy embodies love, kindness and compassion.

Christy is a rare combination of a licensed medical professional and an intuitive healer.

I am so, so grateful to Christy for her work.

Thank you for giving of your precious gifts to help heal grief and loss and find strength moving forward in sharing compassion and love with others

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Energy HealingResources
April 24, 2021

Main 7 Chakras of the Human body

There are seven main chakras in the human body, which start at the base of your spine and extend to the top of your head. Below will provide a brief…
End Of Life JourneyEnergy HealingResources
April 17, 2021

End of Life Journey and Energy Healing

Returning to Source Our end of life journey is the single most important journey we embark on. After all, it is a culmination of experiences throughout our lifetime. When we…
Energy HealingResources
April 17, 2021

What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing? Energy healing is a holistic practice that is able to activate the body’s energy centers (chakras) to remove energetic blocks. Ancient Hindu texts described the chakras…
End Of Life JourneyResources
April 11, 2021

Path of Initiation – Readiness to Expand

Initiation What does it mean to be on the path of Initiation? Initiation means the beginning of something. For many, Initiation is the beginning of remembrance of our connection to…
April 24, 2021

Journey Through Grief and Loss

The Surprise Visitor The journey through grief and loss may at times feel as though a tsunami is washing through every cell of your entire being. Sometimes it leaves one…
March 11, 2021

Beyond the Container

What is in a Story? We are so much more than the experiences we go through. Our past does not dictate nor define who we are. Instead of asking why…
April 24, 2020

Separation and Death

Today marks 10 years since Mom transitioned. I can remember when I was 29 a healer had said to me that the year coming was going to be one of…
christy droog energy medicine


Christy was born a healer. As a young child she was keenly aware of her compassionate heart, which guided her into the healing arts. She then attended University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Christy now has 20 years of clinical experience as a registered nurse, with special interest in palliative care.

Following the tragic death of her precious young son in 2002, she later became a primary caregiver and advocate throughout her beloved mother’s extensive journey with cancer and subsequent passing. As a result of these experiences, she sought for a deeper meaning of life. At the Deborah King Center, she discovered holistic healing modalities that include and connect mind, body and soul.

Christy became a graduate of Deborah’s LifeForce Energy Healing® program in 2016 and continues to enhance her skills as a certified practitioner and teacher with the Deborah King Center. In addition to these dedicated studies, Christy has also studied a number of other traditions and ancient healing techniques with various teachers and mentors. She is also a polished public speaker and has presented at the Conscious Life Expo, Festival of Light, and the European Caravan of Unity.