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End of Life Journey and Energy Healing

By April 17, 2021August 3rd, 2022No Comments

Returning to Source

Our end of life journey is the single most important journey we embark on. After all, it is a culmination of experiences throughout our lifetime. When we prepare to leave our earthly bodies it is important to reflect upon some key processes.
Death has been somewhat a taboo subject for far too many years. As we begin to awaken, we are starting to pay closer attention to our own conscious journey in returning to Source. It is an important yet far too often ignored or avoided conversation.
What if we were able to face our own death with as much confidence, love and purity as when we were born? After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Preparing for End of Life

Just as one prepares their legal will or financial matters prior to death, so should we view our energetic fields as requiring the same careful preparation. As humans, our spiritual desire is to ascend. Throughout the course of our lives, we encounter many situations, traumatic and emotional, which leave imprints on our energetic field. When we are unable to properly process or transform that particular emotion or situation energy can become trapped. Part of our journey is to transcend the situations we encounter throughout our lives. Often we look for spiritual meaning in these particularly difficult events.

Healing versus Cure

Healing does not always equate to a medical cure, however energy healing can support on a soul level, particularly as one is nearing end of life. Many people experience an astounding amount of fear with a life limiting diagnosis. Fear comes from the unknown and from the perceived separation.

Total Pain

In palliative care we often address patients who suffer from total pain. Total pain or suffering is a concept that recognizes there are components of social, psychological, physical and spiritual pain. This means that analgesics may not be entirely effective for decreasing pain. Someone who suffers from total pain requires a more holistic treatment approach, taking into account all aspects of care.

Energy Healing at End of Life

Energy healing can assist and support with clearing and transmuting any remaining emotional or spiritual debris that may be lingering in one’s energy field. It is also effective in decreasing side effects from medication (including chemotherapy). Energy healing can also address aspects of pain exacerbated by underlying emotion or stress.
In my experience, particularly at the end stage of life, many of my clients energy fields feel like they have “loose ends” that need to be worked through, easing their transition into the afterlife. When our energetic field is clear and balanced we are able to create an even deeper connection with Spirit. This allows even deeper surrender to what is. As a result we are filled with peace and re-connected with the unconditional love we were always meant to encompass and embody.

Sacred Journey

End of life is an especially sacred journey, and it is a path I’m honoured to walk with each client that crosses my path. When we are able to dissipate the fear from the process we are left with an incredibly moving and heart opening experience. Imagine being able to embrace the Light with arms wide open, without fear!

“If you will approach us, we will bend down and lift you up.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

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