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Harmony in Sacred Union

By June 8, 2021No Comments

My childhood dream was to travel to France, feeling drawn by love’s invisible force. However, I was completely unaware of the depth of the experience that would unfold there. Several years ago I developed a keen interest in Mary Magdalene’s path following the ascension of Jesus. I deeply sought to learn more about her life and mysteries of the Divine Feminine. As an adult, I was spiritually drawn to this region.  Further, I was unaware that this mysterious land would also become the site of my own sacred union.


The path leading to that moment was not without obstacles. Against all odds amidst a global pandemic, I traveled to France in June 2020. Amed with a letter from the French Consulate in Canada advocating my eligibility to travel due to my intention to marry abroad, I arrived in Paris. I had been advised that this letter would not guarantee that the customs officer would allow me entrance. At this point in time, only essential travel was permitted and borders were closed to tourists. Never had I travelled amidst such uncertainty and chaos. Shaking anxiously, I awaited the mercy of the customs officer and hesitatingly, he obliged. 

When I arrived near Calais, we immediately visited town hall to submit our documents to marry. There, I learned I was missing a requirement and would need to urgently visit the Canadian Consulate in Paris.  This was no small feat during the pandemic. It was horribly stressful! Upon hearing about my turbulent journey, the agent graciously and promptly completed the required paperwork. She said she would not be the one to stand in the way of destiny!  


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hearts full of excitement and over the moon, we rushed to town hall to submit my papers. However, we were swiftly brought back to earth as we were told my fiancé was still missing one document. Coupled with this complication was our lack of awareness that marrying in France required us to publicly declare our intention to marry at least 10 days in advance of our legal ceremony.  We were once again rushing against the clock. It was necessary push back a few more days in order to give the proper notice once securing all appropriate paperwork. 

In the meantime, Vedran and I were set to marry in a spiritual ceremony in 10 days. But, we didn’t have a wedding officiant nor location chosen in Southern France. I decided to reach out to the owner of our accomodation in Rennes-le-Chateau, explaining our situation. With fingers crossed I asked if she knew of a wedding officiant who might be suitable. Miraculously she did! This was yet another synchronicity in our story, which was laden with hundreds of these “chance” occurrences. We were in the flow and trusted our divine guidance.  

We met the officiant via video call. The first thing I noticed in our first meeting was a gorgeous purple angel over her shoulder. Having been drawn to angels my entire life, I felt immediately compelled to ask her about this unique angel. She advised me that her friend had painted it. Previously there was a gallery housing artwork but it had since closed. Disappointed, I realized I would likely not be able to find her artwork. Regardless, seeing this angel helped me know that this was the perfect soul brought to our path to assist with our sacred union. 


Beautiful Synchronicity

A few days later we travelled to Rennes-le-Chateau and arrived at our retreat center. As the owner toured us through our apartment, I immediately noticed an angel similar to the one possessed by our wedding officiant.Angels of love


I inquired about the artwork and she told me this was the only angel painting from this artist on the property. Coincidentally, it just happened to be in our room. Intrigued, I peeked at the artist’s name and indeed it was the same! What were the chances? What an exciting synchronicity! This piece was entitled Angels of Love. How fitting, right? 

The rest of our time in southern France was beyond belief, healing, synchronistic and full of love. My Beloved and I would marry in a private outdoor ceremony at 6:30 in the morning at Fontaine des Amours with a heartfelt and inspired hand tailored spiritual ceremony. 

Love and Harmony

Once back in Canada, I embarked on an internet search to find Lorraine to see if I could secure angel artwork. Successfully, I found her and I was able to purchase two loving angels for our home.


These angels incarnate the vibration of unconditional love and harmony we strive to embody in our relationship on a daily basis. They are a beautiful reminder of overcoming difficult circumstances and rising in love, compassion and awareness with each step of our journey.



Angel of Harmony

The Angel of Harmony, demanded a spot in the central point of our home.




Angel of Safekeeping

The Angel of Safekeeping is displayed in my healing room, supporting and assisting with the transformational work.



You can learn more about Lorraine’s artwork below: