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My story is a radical one of healing. I faced several traumatic situations early in life, which brought me to the path of healing.

These events shook my entire foundation; my sense of security and safety were constantly shattered. However tragic these events were, healing began through the ever-constant flow of faith, hope and love which drew me toward my long and winding path to you, as a wounded healer.*

* “The analyst must go on learning endlessly…it is his own hurt that gives the measure of his power to heal. This, and nothing else, is the meaning of the Greek myth of the wounded physician.” – CARL JUNG

christy droog

Navigating these experiences firsthand has allowed me to become an excellent coach and healer for those currently experiencing life’s challenging situations, specifically with loss, whether that pertains to abandonment, separation, divorce, abuse or death.

I have overcome many emotional challenges since the deaths of my young son and later my mom and step sister with much credit given to energy healing. These profound experiences inspired necessary change to my inner and outer being. My inner and outer worlds were conflicting stories, at war with each other as I struggled to find my new normal, picking up one shattered fragment of my life at a time.

I sought deeper meaning in life. Faith was something I’ve always carried in abundance but I realized that all of these difficult experiences in my life and grief had overwhelmed me to the point I became numb inside.

I immersed myself in the wholeness of the mind, body, soul connection, realizing there was more to healing our bodies than just addressing the physical.

In 2012, I found myself at my first workshop with Deborah King.

There was something incredibly potent in the healing transformations I witnessed. Deep in my soul I heard the call and embarked on a rigorous journey. I realized how far I had fallen away from myself and from my essence. I had survived my circumstances, but realized I was far from thriving. Over the next 9 years I would receive extensive and in-depth training in personal development as well as the art of energy healing. I became a student, graduate and teacher in Deborah’s LifeForce Energy Healing®  program.

It is through this sacred union with Love that I become a conduit of healing for those seeking inner transformation.

The density of heavy emotions began to dissipate, and the war within raised the white flag of surrender.

My connection to Spirit deepend, due to the healing that occured on many levels. I began to feel whole again, born anew, energetically changed with my foundation restored. Transformation is Sacred when Love is present.

I feel so immensely grateful for finding the collateral beauty in each of the difficult experiences and lessons throughout my life.

These events do not define me, however they shaped the person I am today.

As a result of these circumstances, my awareness expanded and perspective of life shifted. I constantly seek deeper meaning and knowledge of self in order to be of service to others.

It was through my inner journey and the magic of energy medicine that I entered into Sacred relationship with emotion’s true flow that became my new navigation system, amplified by Divine Love.

It is through this sacred union with Love that I become a conduit of healing for those who seek inner transformation.