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Path of Initiation – Readiness to Expand

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What does it mean to be on the path of Initiation? Initiation means the beginning of something. For many, Initiation is the beginning of remembrance of our connection to Spirit, of being an integral part of the I AM presence. It is the process by which your Higher self becomes the guiding force in your life, where ego based desires take the back seat in your vehicle, instead of being the driving force.

Higher Values

For a seeker on the path of Initiation, you will have a strong desire, and innate need to live your life by higher values, which may include; faith, integrity, compassion, truth, responsibility, humility, wisdom and love amongst others. On this path, you begin to diligently work toward the embodiment of these principles.
Over time, as you initiate into higher levels of consciousness, you will begin to take responsibility for how you live your life and how to use these gifts. The Spiritual gifts that may unfold as a result of Initiation are to be used with the highest level of integrity and purity of heart.

How do you know when you are ready to Initiate?

Throughout your life you encounter many opportunities as well as difficult situations to test your readiness to expand. Relationships can also be a great vehicle which afford rapid personal growth. When you are able to move through those difficult situations with grace, your Higher self begins to infuse your being, tapping deeper into Source, or God, the Creator of all that is.
An initiate on the path is someone who is willing to do the inner work necessary for conscious expansion. This takes practice and discipline, and occurs in stages throughout the course of our lifetime. Initiation happens when you expand your consciousness beyond limiting beliefs of the past. You begin to live your life from an open hearted space.

Initiation occurs when you choose to embody higher values and principles, striving for unity or Christ Consciousness. The first and second levels of initiation can happen spontaneously. These steps are where you may grow awareness of your higher self, and begin to allow it to steer you in the decisions you make.

Signs of Readiness You Encounter on the Path

As you experience personal growth on your own path and practice the discipline and responsibility for your choices, you may begin to feel as though you are “in the flow”. You may experience a simple walk in nature to be ecstatic in feeling. You may start to notice a connectedness to everything and everyone in your world.

Likely, you will also be aware of the synchronicities you experience. These experiences go far beyond what our mind can comprehend. You will feel a sense of belonging, and a higher purpose for your life as you begin to embody these higher values and weave the principles throughout your daily life.


Initiation is not intended to be touted as a trophy, and certainly not meant to compare you to others, as to how “enlightened” you are. It is a serious responsibility. It is through this process you are truly able to become your best and highest version of Self.

As your ego based desires and lower parts of yourself raise in consciousness, your vibration naturally increases. When the timing is right, you are ready to take an Initiation. The path of Initiation allows you to shift your perceptions in order to step into a higher level of being.

Path to Enlightenment

There are many challenges you may encounter on the path to enlightenment. It is not a journey for the faint of heart. Embodying higher values can be accomplished when you are willing to take responsibility for your ego-based issues. You must be willing to take an honest look at yourself as well as your patterns and be willing to make the necessary changes. The path of Initiation is what makes it possible to approach life from the higher aspect of yourself. As a result, your soul and spirit merge, allowing you to live a heart centered life filled with purpose.

Levels of Initiation

There is a lot of information available on levels of initiation. If you are interested in learning more, I would encourage you to study Alice Bailey’s work on the The Rays and The Initiations. In addition to this, I recommend accessing the information Deborah King has readily available on this topic. (