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The Spark of Light

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The tiny spark of Light, filled with excitement and wonder, whispered 

I’m ready”

in the ear of the Divine Mother. 

Concealing her tears, she responded.

“The Path will be hard. 

You will know sorrow and loss, abandonment and betrayal.” 

The tiny spark replied, 

“I know, but I will also experience beauty and awe,  joy and love! 

I will bring with me heaven on earth!” 

The Divine Mother smiled and said,

 “My dear child, 

Go on your way.

However, what you now know, once on earth, you will be unaware.

Soon you will find yourself in the comfort of your mother’s womb. 

I’ve chosen one who will heed the call for selfless giving and surrender. 

Remember, no matter what, to look deep in your heart.

When life becomes difficult as often it does, 

Always remember the spark of Light that you are,

Everything you’ll ever need to know already exists deep within you.

Many will cross your path needing the touch of your gentle heart. 

Be not hardened by your experiences, 

Instead grow in Wisdom, Compassion and Love. 

Remember to shine your bright Light even on the darkest of nights.

Illuminate their hearts with your Inner Light, sparking their own Remembrance.

The Journey ahead may seem lonely at times,

But always remember you are never Alone.

Do not look outside,

 for what you most seek I have placed as a secret jewel sealed inside your heart.

Your destiny is to remember. 

Seek and you shall discover your treasure.”

The tiny spark beamed at the Divine Mother.

Putting a hand to her heart she reassured,

“Yes Mama, I will remember…”


Author Credit: Christy Droog



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